4 thoughts on “III of SWORDS”

  1. Hey I really enjoyed your poem. I have been getting the 3 of swords in almost every other reading I do for myself. This has been happening for half a year now. I checked my deck and the card is not bent or physically deformed to make me pick it, I am really not sure why it keeps appearing. Strange…but your poem has provided me with some insight!


  2. Hi Neda, glad to hear the poem helps. I think when you do a reading for yourself there can be a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy – I mean, you’ve reached the stage where you expect the 3 of Swords to come up – so it does! Is it the same when someone else does a reading for you?


    1. I haven’t gone to a tarot reader in over a year now but it would be interesting to see what happens when I do. I guess your’e right in that I think about the card coming up (almost comically) and then it does. Has this ever happened to you?


  3. No, but I’ve heard of it happening and thought of it immediately when I read about your problem with the 3 of Swords. I use a pendulum (dowsing) and it happens to me all the time there – I have to have a completely open mind, any preconceptions influence the swing of the pendulum.


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