(in response to his poem, Muerte – or see my translation of it: Death)

The God you, like Hopkins, cringe and cry to
suffers from multiple personality disorder,
one hand doing good, the other evil,
and letting not his left hand know what his right hand doeth.

Do you not see that the problem with your ONE God
is that in the unending battle between good and evil
you have God fighting on both sides. And as Jesus observed,
If Satan cast out Satan, how shall his kingdom stand?

God is good. God is of the light, not the dark.
Those who follow him are Children of Light.
Those who follow the enemy are Children of Darkness.
God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.

It breaks my heart to hear good, pious, men
blame God for the evil that befalls man.
Blame God for the death camps and Hitler becomes
God incarnate, not Jesus. God is love.

Starving children are not starved by God.
Trembling animals in vivisection centres
are not there in that man-made Hell because God –
The Devil is god of this world and good
men by definition dissidents and rebels.

© James Munro

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