Clactonian Man 500,000 Years Ago

But did you know that when the original inhabitants of what is now Clacton (and Jaywick!) first roamed these marshes there were elephants here much larger than the mammoth and England was still almost linked to mainland Europe (bit like now!) with the North Sea only a river into which flowed the Rhine?

And did you know that Clactonian Man hasn’t changed all that much during that last half million years? (I’m joking now.)

Seeing Clacton man in a new light
Stooped, violent, unable to utter more than a grunt and hell-bent on terrifying innocent bystanders with Stanley knife-type weapons.

This is the image that archaeologists have painted of the ape-like man that lived in the Clacton area 400,000 years ago.

But new research has caused historians and archaeologists to re-evaluate the culture that has been dubbed “Clactonian” … East Anglian Daily Times news (You can find the original HERE)



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